a yarn/thread/fiber loving fool with MS

Email:  I have a yahoo, hotmail, gmail, bellsouth, bama (work only), and probably a few I’ve forgotten about.

Blog:  I used to have a livejournal, as well as one on blogspot.  The one on blogspot was mainly used as a vent for feelings I could not express elsewhere, nor to whom they were aimed at.

Not to mention my old yahoo profile of Dixiered03 (http://360.yahoo.com/dixiered03) , that account was hacked and yahoo would not let me back in it.  So, new yahoo of wulfthryth_2006.  I’m also on MySpace.  That site annoys the chit out of me.  There are a lot of con-artist on there.  I’ll get messages saying that “oh, i know by your photo, you are my one true love, and other various lines of crap.  I can be very EVIL.  I’ll start a dialog with these jokers, it never fails that after a few weeks of chatting and emails, comes the sucker punch of asking for a “favor”.  This usually involves the fact that they are “stranded” in some African country and need money to get out.  Oh I play it for a few lines and then WHAM………. I tell them “but oh, I work for the U.S. Army, and I “know” people “who can help” and I can have a transport at this location in less than 48 hours and it will safely bring them to the U.S……. HAHAHA  The conversation usually ends here and I never hear from them again.  Love it.  See  ya gotta con the con

Wulfthryth is what I go by in the SCA.  In my local SCA group, I’m also known as “Mama Squirrel”,  hence the name of this blog.   So, in return, I call my SCA mates my “nuts”.

Right now the mind of this squirrel needs to get scrambled with some some of that night time cold medication.  I’ve gone and got myself a nice summer cold.

Off to mindless slumber.


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