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Another one strikes

I had mentioned the con-artist on MySpace….  Well, another one surfaced, he writes:

Hello Hottie,How are you doing today?…i m new into these whole thing..i can see you filled out all of the criteria .Thanks for all the great and extremely accurate compliments. Just looking at your photo I could tell we could become very good friends. Just your face reveals that you are very happy with every aspect in your life…..I m Cally and i lived in Ohio,i m 49 and single again.i lost my wife some yrs back. Mom got remarried when i was younger so Dad died when i was in the University…right now i m very far from home and i m surprised i found my self here and i really wish to be home…..seeing you profile is kinda making me speechless for now.really wanna be your friend.i ve got yahoo IM(cally_smith50).you can email me on hotmail too (cally_smith50@hotmail.com)
i ll be waiting to
hear from you soon.

For one, they could use a grammar lesson.  It cracks me up.  “Thanks for all the great and extremely accurate compliments.”  that is a new line, not sure what up with that.    Now in a few days, this profile on that site will no longer exist.

Ok, I must go in search of chocolate.


Comments on: "Another one strikes" (1)

  1. That is very weird. why do people waste time being fake people on myspace?

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