a yarn/thread/fiber loving fool with MS

MS = Multiple Sclerosis.
I have it, for the most part I deal with it.  I’ve got a variety of symptoms, numbness, fatigue, intolerance to heat, loss of coordination,  and so on.
About Wed of last week my right hand started twitching.  Pointer finger would just go off on it’s own.   It was very amusing watching it twitch and jerk.  Not amusing is the fact that I have problems writing now.  I cannot grip anything with that had and typing is quite a challenge.   I’ll give my neurologist a call tomorrow.

In other goings on, I went to Kingdom A&S yesterday.  Most enjoyable day.  Would like to have been able to enjoy the feast more, but guess what.  I can barely grip a frickin fork to eat.  I ended up outside talking to a few folks who were not feasting.

Think I’ll go back to bed now


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