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Excuse me BUT

Just because you have not seen XY&Z in quite sometime, the middle of the parking lot at walmart IS NOT the place to hold a catch-up session. That goes for the isles of the frickin store well. Just because I am not over 60 I have a medical reason for having the handicap tag and using the motorized cart at the store. DO NOT GIVE ME A DIRTY LOOK AND SAY SNIDE REMARKS. Just because you are a bitter 60-something old hag hag is no reason to comment on that which you know nothing about. I did and will continue to return the remarks. Although I am more tactful than you are.

The sign on the register that says “express lane, 10 items or less” should be enforced by the cashier.

That in a nutshell was my trip to Walmart yesterday.


Comments on: "Excuse me BUT" (2)

  1. pinkpelican said:

    I have found Wal-Mart to be an unpleasant place to shop pretty much across the board. On the plus side, they usually have a really good selection of all kinds of items, and they have inexpensive plus size clothes. Also on the plus size, they are very handy for events … whether you are cooking the feast, running the event, or just going somewhere far from home and discovered you forgot your pillow.

    All of that is usually overwhelmed by the negatives. The place is almost always crowded with incredibly self-absorbed & rude people. There is crap stacked in the aisles in the hopes of appealing to impulse buyers. Within departments (espcially clothing) the racks are so close together that you can barely get a buggy through them. The lines at the cash register are long and annoying.

    But truly it’s the customers that make me want to scream. I’m not perfect, I freely admit that, but I apologize if I realize I’m being stupid and blocking an aisle. So many of the people shopping in Wal-Marts just refuse to acknowledge anybody else. They block aisles, access to shelves, get in the way, don’t control their kids, wander cluelessly around … I just don’t get what it is about that store that makes people so ugly.

    About 15 years ago I was trying to Christmas shop. After 45 minutes of saying “pardon me”, “please”, “excuse me”, of deferring to other shoppers who were older or more burdened, I was ready to scream. Because none of them would even respond. It was like talking to zombies. Some of them would ignore me, some of them had to be spoken to 3 or more times before they even noticed me, some of them just stared right through me. When I hit the point of seriously considering playing shopping cart death match and shaking people and screaming at them to simply acknowledge my existence, I abandoned my shopping cart and left. I’d lost all hope of christmas spirit. It was another 5 years before I would step into a Wal-Mart. Now I only do it if there’s no other choice.

    If the company could figure out how to be effective marketers while at the same time creating a pleasant atmosphere that encourages courtesy from the shoppers, Wal-Mart could probably take over the entire world.

  2. I’m all over the trip to Wally-Hell now. Twas just one of those days when I would have rather stayed HOME or done something other than shopping.

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