a yarn/thread/fiber loving fool with MS

Why? Because the local Ford place were not interested in selling me a car. Car salesman was more interested in passing out Krispy Kream donut coupons to people working there. They only wanted to give me $400 trade in on my car. Okay, I KNOW the car is on it’s last leg, but work with me folks, make a lifetime customer out of me. Along with other issues involved, he said I would HAVE to have $500 cash to go with my trade-in, sorry. I had let this dude know when I started talking that I did NOT have any cash to go with my trade-in. If I had $500 I would have gotten the air conditioner fixed. He would not even entertain the idea of going back to the finance manager and trying to help me work something out. As I walked out the door, he said “have a nice day Ma’am”. I turned and let him know, nicely, that he just lost every college graduate I come in contact with and I would NEVER recommend them to anyone, but would tell them to avoid the place. He stood there with a “surprised” look on his face.

I was very disappointed when I left there yesterday. So what did I do? Went right on over to the Pontiac place. When asked “can I help you?” by a very nice older gentleman, I replied “treat me better than the ford place just did”. I explained my situation, and what went on there. I pick up my CAR tomorrow. Would have had it yesterday, but my insurance place was closed and I only have liability on my current car, and will covert it to full coverage first thing Monday morning, then GO GET MY “NEW” CAR. But all paperwork is signed and the CAR IS MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Actually new is a fitting word, it’s a 2005 Ford Focus, only 18,000 miles and still has the full factory warranty!!!!! It drives nicely. Now I have to name her. She will be making the trip to Coronation Sept 8th.


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