a yarn/thread/fiber loving fool with MS

Still a quiter

Yea, still NOT SMOKING.

Even after spending 3 days out of town with a friend at a casino with lot’s of people smoking all around. There were better things to do than smoke, LOL.

Visited the battlefield at Vicksburg (civil war). You know what really pisses me off about it, there were more things about the frickin Yankees. I think the entire state of Illinois moved to Vicksburg to fight that battle. There were some interesting monuments, I think its fairly interesting that the one representing Alabama is the only one that had a WOMAN in it.

Saw the iron clad war ship “Cairo”. Amazing. There was actually a Lea & Perrine’s bottle found in the wreckage! The shape of bedpans has not improved/changed much since the civil war.

I go in search of more coffee now.


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