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Oh geeze

I really really really don’t want to go to work today.  Those people are so on my damn nerves.

So we have parking out back of our building on campus.  There is an area behind a couple of golf cart type vehicles that say NO PARKING TOW AWAY ZONE, painted on the pavement.  Plain enough.  “Ms better than that”  was parked almost on top of one of “warnings” and was actually blocking previously said golf cart.  Owner of cart called campus parking services, and she got a $50 ticket.  She had the nerve to come to me and ask me to call parking services and take care of it.  Mind you she is NOT a university employee, but a “government” employed by the army and assigned to our department.  Oh the joys of being an ROTC unit.  My response was LIKE HELL, if I park illegally, I get a ticket, you are no better.  She was shocked, but I was “only half way over the no parking spot”.  I told the boss he needed to deal with her before I got real rude.   That was the least of the crap that went on with those military and government type folks yesterday.  Damn makes me seriously reconsider the disability thing and just say to hell with it.


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  1. pinkpelican said:

    Frustrating as it is, stick with your day job. Take it from one who made those decisions, I don’t think you’ll get the disability, and it won’t pay you enough to balance out the incredible hassle of trying to get disability. Among other things, it takes forever to process the claim and if you are working during that time, they’ll just deny you. Mind you, Alabama may apply the standards more leniently than Tennessee, but I don’t think I was ever able to allow anybody with MS in the 8 years I worked the job.

    I despise people who get all upset that the rules apply to them as well as the rest of us. Always makes me want to yell “HELLO! Was there a disclaimer painted anywhere that said ‘except for Ms. Dumbass’?” Or “Ya know, there’s probably a REASON that area is marked ‘No Parking’. Just because you are a tard doesn’t make the reason disappear.”

    Apparently I’m in a “No Goober” mood today. ;=)

    Hope your day gets better, babe!

  2. Oh I know, I’d go totally crazy if I were to get the disability. The 2 weeks I spent at home with the MS early this summer about drove me nuts. I gotta do something.

    Ms. Dumbass is a goober, LOL

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