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Stuck in the middle

This rant would normally go on another blog, but since that one is read by whom is being ranted about, cant’ rant there.

J needs to crawl out of her little hole and realize that the world does not bend to make her happy. Everything is about HER. I’m sorry she was in New York on 9/11, I’m sorry her mother got cancer and she had to come back to Alabama (her mom is recovered now), and I’m sorry that 11 days after she moved to New Orleans that Katrina swam ashore and she ended back in Alabama and her big dream of being an actress is not happening. Bitch about being “alone” and when you “hook” an SCA dude, you blow him off cause he’s trying to make a plan and wont’ listen your bad day. So what do I get to do, listen to you about it and listen to him about him, stuck in the middle and I see both sides. Can’t say what needs to be said to you because then I will be an uncaring bitch who does not understand and feel sorry for you. Sometimes life just sucks, things don’t always turn out the way you want them too. I did no ask to get thrown into a living hell with this thing called Multiple Sclerosis, but I try not to base my life on it. Yet when I feel the need to have a little venting or ranting, you turn you head and do not listen, if it’s not about you then it does not matter.

In semi-non rant mode, I’m going to Castle Wars this weekend, YIKES I gotta wash my garb. Hell, gotta figure out what I’m wearing, i gotta get some new garb, geeze.

Shit, I’m off in search of a glass of wine.

NOTE: did not find wine, settled for chocolate covered cashews instead.


Comments on: "Stuck in the middle" (3)

  1. pinkpelican said:

    I know that rant. Well, not the specifics, but honestly, I think I could take your general rant as a template and fill in the relevant bits for almost any situation. Remember Amy & Fran and the safety razor? Head. Desk.
    I try very hard to remember to count my blessings, because overall life is good, and even if it’s not, if you pretend it is you have a better shot of it becoming good. Giggle and the world giggles with you, whine and somebody somewhere will eventually bitch slap you into a tar pit.
    Or is that unnecessarily rude?
    I’ll share a shoulder with you whenever you need a chance to vent or complain, because I know it’ll be *shared*, and I know it’ll never be abused, because you have the clue and are not afraid to use it.

  2. I do remember that well.
    I love J to death but…….
    Actually had lunch with she and Swen today.
    Thank you for letting us have him.
    Can I use that bitch slap quote?!?!?! I LOVE it!!!

    Coming to Magna Faire?????

  3. pinkpelican said:

    Feel free to use it at will. I’m actually kind of tickled by it myself (it’s fun when the brain engages and entertainment results).

    Enjoy the boy … he has many good uses! I’m cranky that he left just as we were getting used to seeing him, but on the other hand, the change of jobs means we actually see him more now that he’s in another state. Go figure!

    Yes, we’ll be at Magna Faire, see you then!

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