a yarn/thread/fiber loving fool with MS

They’re Here

Yes, the “holiday’s” are here.  Thanksgiving is this Thursday.  Since “all” of my family lives here in T-town, will be easy. HAHAHA.  My middle sister has nothing to do with the family so we won’t see her.  My youngest sister and her brood have moved in with my Mom and son so they will be unavoidable.  I will have an ample supply of duck tape for use on my nephew.  Luke, at 3 is the youngest is a holly terror.  ADHD to the MAX.  I went over there yesterday, stayed about 30 min., that was all I could take without playing whack a mole on that kid. I have never been around kids like hers and the youngest is the worst.  I do believe that he would break super nanny.

My annual eye exam is coming up in Dec.  I’m seriously considering contacts.   I’m just not sure I can put one in my eye.

Short work week, only 3 days.  Off for Thanksgiving holiday Thurs & Fri.  Saturday will be spent in B’ham helping a friend pack up his stuff.  He’s just sold his house and is preparing to move to his farm next county over.  Will be an interesting day to say the least.  He and I have a long and complicated history.

Safe travels to one and all.


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