a yarn/thread/fiber loving fool with MS

Calming down

Ok, so I called the folks that make copaxone, actually their “support” number, they do have an “assistance” program.  I’ll know in a few weeks if I qualify for them to cover my co-pay.  The lady was very nice, but got annoyed when I mentioned that the powers that be of the company needed to do the right thing and come down on the price.

Saturday I will venture to Magna Faire, this is one of the SCA events I really like, lot’s of A&S type folks.   Will be getting of work early today. Will have to pack my stuff for tomorrow, cause tonight I get to go formal at our “dining in”.  This is a military thingy, a formal dinner with some  fun thrown in.  But I can guarantee the feast at Magna Faire will be better that the food tonight.

And I’ve found another string/thread addiction. Italian Needle Lace.  Found it on YouTube.  I gotta say off that sight.


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