a yarn/thread/fiber loving fool with MS


One of my students  requested “roadtrip” suggestions.

Let me tell you about “roadtrips” darlin.
MaryAnne, a “trouble” buddy of mine, got bored with Tuscaloosa.  (Now mind you this was in the Urban Cowboy days) Sooooo we got in her little red VW Bug (old school bug), and headed to Gilley’s, in Texas, via Slidell LA and LSU’s camus.  While stopped in Slidell, we found a country bar, changed clothes in the parking lot and went in for a bit.  We drove through LSU’s campus around 3 am with windows rolled down yelling ROLL TIDE. (and we lived to tell about it) Then on to Gilley’s. Well, we got their early afternoon. Went in, looked around, a nice older couple started up a conversation.  He was a cross country truck driver and this was their 25th wedding anniversary.  We told them we just kinda ended up there on a whim.  Ok, now looking back this is where it gets “stupid”. They invited us back to their hotel room to shower and change, then we all went to dinner at this Mexican place, then we all went back to Gilley’s.  There was a $3 cover charge and FREE beer, as long as you drank the house beer.  Like whatever, LOL.
We danced and danced, I managed to bust my ass to cotton eyed joe.  We were totally nuts out there, figuring no one knew us………WRONG……these 2 guys come over to us and say “hey, we know ya’ll from Cowboy (THE place to hang out way back in my day) in Tuscaloosa… DAMN.
Okay, next day we head back to Tuscaloosa.   Somewhere,someone has a picture of me riding the bull at Gilley’s.

Roadtrips are so much FUN!~!


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