a yarn/thread/fiber loving fool with MS


Be it internet (WTF) or otherwise (DOA), the ones that annoy me the most are Military.  I had a bit of a “Britney”  moment at work yesterday.  I am a civilian, a university employee, I will NEVER learn, nor care what MRE (although I do know what that one means, doesn’t everyone?), OER, or any of the other countless ones.  If you want the damn piece of paper ask for it by full name.  The only thing an asking for it by acronym does is piss me off.

Heh heh, “Britney” moment.  Remember how “going postal” was a thing years ago, used to describe someone who was going over the edge mentally?  Well, I’ve decided to GO BRITNEY!!  YEA, I don’t want to get violent, or shoot things up, I just want to be totally irrational and blubbering.   Do things without care or thought of what may happen.

Saturday will be a trip to Convivium Collegialis.  Will do me good to spend time with SCA folks learning new things.

My current obsession  is knitting, lace type specifically. Like I really needed to learn something else that uses string/yarn/yada yada yada.


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