a yarn/thread/fiber loving fool with MS

Hello again world

I’ve been in a blog dry spell. Not really feeling like writing anything. Not that things are not going on, believe me they are. Work is not going well these days. There are days where it’s all I can do not to go sniveling into a corner somewhere. I get a into a “sensory overload”, too much going on at once, too many different directions, too many people wanting/needing something from me. And there are those in my office who seem to think that a smart ass response is going to “make me feel better”. Major S got told that if he did not leave me alone, I would walk out and not come back, I have enough in my retirement to pay off my car and I’m sure wally-hell could put me to work doing something, damn it. He’s an ok guy, but his warped sense of “getting a smile out of me” will eventually cause me to quite. He’s been asked very nicely to stop, but forgets I guess. I dunno.


I’ve gotten totally obsessed with knitting, now that I actually can do more than knit 1 pearl 2. Next will be to spin my own yarn.

Our SCA group will be co-hosting (?) Fall Crown List (YIKES) with Iron Mountain.


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