a yarn/thread/fiber loving fool with MS

What’s up blog world? I’m still alive and treading water…. Things are rough trying to keep my head above water. Everything has gone up, gas, food, EXCEPT my paycheck and it won’t this year. I’m not able to get a 2nd job, one is about all I can handle with the MS.

My SCA adventures are on hold for now. There are a few events “local”, HAHAHA, our little SCA group is co-hosting Fall Crown List. Oh Joy.

I’ve become totally obsessed with knitting and fiber. I’ve got a bit of a plan to knit some crimson and white bookmarks and sell them to the football obsessed morons on campus. HAHAHA.

I’ve added a new link to the left, Garden Girl TV. This woman is totally inspiring. You should really check it out. You too can have fresh, picked them yourself veggies in the middle of the city. She grows most of her own food, raises angora rabbits and spins their fur… that totally rocks.

Gotta go knit something, it’s frickin addictive… geeze.


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