a yarn/thread/fiber loving fool with MS


Yes, Wiser? Not so much.

I’m finding that when I know people may actually read this, I don’t blog as much.

Still knitting, still have MS, that will always be.  Summer has not been kind to the condition either.  I find my Doc a waste of time and money.  so help me if he tells me “do the best you can and come back in 4 months” next time I’m going postal on him.  I ask for documentation about certain things (for my “file” with the boss and the HR deptartment) and he acts like no one has ever needed anything written down.  When I go back to my “regular type” doc end of this month, I’m asking for a referal to another Neurologist.

I’m tired, so very tired. Mentally, emotionally and physically.  I find myself in tears at least everyother day and many times at work.  It’s getting harder to struggle through things.

Gonna knit for a bit.  I figure if I can make string into something usefull, maybe I can untangle my life.


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