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Rethinking some things

Over the next few months, I’ll be making a big change.  I’ve got to catch up on things.  Get myself out from under this mound of stress.  The “BC” (big change) will be rather drastic for a few months, but in doing so I’ll be able to secure a few things I want (not need mind you, but want). I should be able to get ahead on the car payments and get a few other nit pick shit bills out of the way.  this will mean giving up a lot of myself and my space, but I can’t do this alone anymore.  So the BC?  ditching the apartment, the bills that go with it and moving in with my Mom. YIKES.

With that said, I WANT TO GO TO IRELAND. And if I should go, I’ll not be coming back.   That has nothing to do with the BC.

I’ve been knitting a good bit with not much to show for it.  I actually need to get something FINISHED for a change.


Comments on: "Rethinking some things" (2)

  1. The BC sounds like a pretty well thought out plan. Moving in with mom is not really a ‘yikes’ move either… You will probably get a lot of enjoyment out of that. I wish you all the luck… Just keep that internet connection fast and well used.

  2. Yea, I know not as much of a YIKES as I think it is.
    It’s also going to give me a good chance to get rid of too many years of holding on to “I’ll find something to do with that”.

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