a yarn/thread/fiber loving fool with MS

Margarita’s at lunch

OMG!! Put a F in there.  Office Lunch on Friday, followed by BNC, RR and I going to Pepito’s for margarita’s.  This was a most difficult task, I don’t usually do things like skip out on work and go drinking. Sooooooo after several rounds of the liquid based insanity…


Ber was in my car, RR in his, I took BNC to hers, she headed home, as myself and  RR…… I showered, grabbed the overnight bag, thew some shit in, RR picked me up around 6, we headed to get BNC.  With BNC picked up, we gassed up the transport, and headed to the casino’s in the NEXT STATE.  I have not drank as much, played slot’s, cut up, stuck my tongue out, petted, stayed up as late, as i did this past halloween night.

Ok, back to reality.


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