a yarn/thread/fiber loving fool with MS

Useless Doctor

I spend a fricking hour waiting in that little room, only to talk to the resident, he got a good view into an emotional wreck of a MS patient.  another 45 min waiting to see the actual frickin REAL neurologist only to repeat what I had told the other guy.

Damn asswipe is sending me to a fricking physciarist.  That’s fine, I don’t have a problem with that. My problem is that he will not address the MS stuff with me.   I’m thinking he wants me in a wheelchair drooling on myself before he will say that the MS is progressing. Damn Sob.


Comments on: "Useless Doctor" (2)

  1. I wish I could do something that would actually help … but the best I can do is let you know I’m here and I love you and you’re in my prayers.

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