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Postcard from HELL

I got one!!

Okay, this goes back to RR and the Cayman Islands.  Yes, a part of hell is in the Cayman Islands.

RR has made it back from the Cayman’s, and a 10 day trip to Brazil.  He starts scuba instructor training tomorrow for a month, then on the new job in Miami.  We’ve have chatted online almost everyday this year, LOL, all 5 days of it and we spoke brefly on the phone while he was waiting on his luggage to  show up.  Hopefully he did not miss his flight to Tampa.  I don’t think it’s really sunk in that he’s not here, not totally anyway.  I think we each came to depend on the other more that we realized.


Now on with it..


So,  he missed his flight to Tampa.  Sooo, he calls me, yea.

He’s booked on one in the morning, but is on standby for any of the ones leaving out tonight.


Before RR left, I made him one of my small (slightly less than an inch in length) tatted angels, told him to put her in his wallet, which he did, inside a folded dollar bill, and tucked inside safely.   I told him she was his guardian angel and would keep watch over him for me when he left.  She is.. he got on a tampa bound plane a little bit ago.  And you know what, she was letting me know she was taking care of him… his Iphone was in his pocket, he was pulling it out to put it in what he called “plane mode”, and “there I was, saying “HELLO, are you drunk dialing your phone?”, LOL, no it was “locked” and dialed me all by itself. Yea, his GA did that.  Anyway, he was in the process of boarding and sounded totally exhausted and was getting a bit “giggly”, that’s the exhaustion breaking through.  I told him to try and get a short nap in, yea, that  won’t happen he say’s, we’ll see.

That should be it for the night…. LOL.


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