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And what is up with this

It’s almost 1 pm and the temp is 60.  Again, the weather is auditioning for a part in a bad sci-fi weather gone wild movie of the week.

Have talked to RR Twice this morning.  He and A are over.  They’ve talked and A is not ready to commit, RR is and he does not feel he can continue as it is.  I don’t blame him.  Although A claims to care deeply the unwillingness to commit and be exclusive with each other is not something A willing to do… OVER.  RR deserves better than that.

Now starts his journey into what to do…he’s got a job in Miami that he no longer wants.  He does not think he can live there without seeing A.  We’ll talk again when he gets back to the grotto in a few hours, the wound is still fresh, but time for Mama Squirrel to be blunt with the boy.  Couples break up, one does not move to a different town, you suck it up and deal with it what ever way you can.  I’ve done it.  When M and I broke up, my heart was torn from my soul.  8 years later there are still a few resturants I will not go to because there were places we went together.   If I thought I saw him out somewhere, my heart would race, i would break out in sweat, basically a panic attack.  It took me months to get over this feeling, but that was just part of the healing process. M is now married to some kinda skank, ok, not nice.  I’ve run into him, even turned the car around so I could stop and talk with him.  It reassures me that I’m better than the relationship we had.  And honestly seeing him does nothing for me, more like, eeww, LOL.

Anyway, RR has much to think about, much more to consider.   Don’t worry my friend, you’ve got an angel in  your pocket keeping you safe for me.

EDIT ~~~

RR is back at the grotto, he is so upset, and there is nothing I can do or say to make the hurt go away.  we’re chatting/texting and it’s going to be a long night.

RR is trying to sleep now.  I think I made him laugh with some of the things I said.  Might even make him think.

I know I can’t “fix” it, but that does not stop me from trying.  He says he appreciates me more than I know.  It goes both ways


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