a yarn/thread/fiber loving fool with MS


At 3 pm today, the wind chill finally made it above freezing.  I’ve spent the day knitting, drinking hot spice tea, and watching 2 seasons of Burn Notice.

RR has been on my mind a good bit  the past few days.  He’s got a weekend break from diving school and was going to Miami to condo shop and see A.  A. is his “luve intrest”.  He and I have had many conversations on the subject.  There are so many similarities in our relationships it’s kinda scary.  His fears and insecurities mirror my own.  I was thinking about sending him text when the phone rang.  Yea, it was him.

No luck on the condo front, the one he was really interested in, sold the day before he got there.  And he and A are back to where they were before the trip to Brazil.  A is Brazilian and hence RR’s trip there was to meet the “family”.  That went “ok”. But alas, A is wishy-washy.  RR wants more of a commitment than A can or is willing to give.  I’ve told him my opinion, and he agrees, he just wants to hang on for a glimmer of forever.  I could hear in his voice how tired he was. Anyway, we did not talk long, he “just wanted to give me a call”.  He had not slept, when he got to Miami, he and A went out, up all night, then RR condo shopping, and a birthday party tonight.  Miami never sleeps.

I’m worried about him, yes, he’s a grown man who’s done 3 tours in the “sandbox” of the world.  But his emotions run deeper than any man I’ve ever know.  But I’m glad that he knows he can pick up the phone and call me, anytime.

Damn, gonna have to turn the heat up… temp is dropping again.

good night to one and all.


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