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A new day

I don’t usually blog politics, but today I felt I should say something.

The entire world is watching The United States of America today.  It is being heralded as a new beginning.

BUT, before that “new beginning”, there is much that needs to be cleaned up. Perhaps this administration will pay more attention to the country they were elected to serve and leave the rest of the world to it’s own end.

This is worth a read:

Hey, America, Take a Chill Pill

By Liz Peek
Financial Columnist

Whoa there America– take a deep breath. As impressed as we all are with the significance of this moment — we are about to inaugurate the first African American President of the United States –– it is possible that our collective giddiness will lead to the worst kind of disappointment. President-elect Barack Obama is being breathlessly compared to FDR, JFK, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. So far — he has won an election.

Even Obama is hyperventilating. In Sunday’s speech, he said “I stand here today as hopeful as ever that the United States will endure.” Endure? Did he think the country might actually go out of business? Merge with France? Sell out to Wal-Mart? That we might decide that Citigroup was too frail, Iraq too complex and our waistlines too bulging to carry on? What did he mean?


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