a yarn/thread/fiber loving fool with MS

And now….

I don’t know… Work  yesterday was annoying, rather certain people were.  That woman that works in the back office thinks that talking in circles will hide the fact that she does not have a damn clue.  However she interprets something is how it is, regardless if its right or not.  A major problem with that is my boss DOES NOT QUESTION IT, even when he knows it’s been twisted by her.

I was working on a project for the boss earlier this week.  She needed a memo redone for the uptenth time.  She brings me a hard copy of it, to retype, she’s been told countless times, I save all memo’s I type.  THAT”S WHAT “SAVE” IS FOR IN MS WORD.  Dumb bitch.  She has never gotten it clear that  I’m NOT her secretary, I don’t stop what I’m doing for the boss to do HER WORK because she claims not to know how to format a memo.  And then tell me it should be in Military formating, not UA.  IT’S GOING TO A DAMN UA DEPARTMENT FROM ANOTHER UA DEPARTMENT.  Dumb bitch.  Think Omorasa of The Apprentance.

Since the boss is out of the office today, betcha a buck she won’t show up.


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