a yarn/thread/fiber loving fool with MS

It’ s been a  busy and stressful week.

RR finished up dive/scuba school today, he is a certified scuba instructor among other things.

So about noon he headed to his folks in the lower backass woods of Alabama.  We talked for a bit before I had to get working.  He’s called me every time he’s had to be driving for any length of time, Spent almost all day last Friday on the phone with him driving from Ft. Benning to Tampa. He called as I was leaving work, early for a change, said I’d call him when I got home.  Took me 45 frickin minutes to get home, usually only about 20.  Txt’d him that I was home cause he said he would call me so I didn’t have the LD charge.  No answer.  Txt’d again at 7, and at 8, called about 8:30, voice mail.  Going into panic mode here…….

So………He just called as I was writing this.  No cell signal at the casino he stopped at in Ebro Fl.  He got “bombarded” with my text messages.  “Calm down woman” he says  no signal 5 miles in any direction.  Ya for AT&T.

Sigh, Mama Squirrel worries too much  about her nuts sometimes.


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