a yarn/thread/fiber loving fool with MS


But before that it was San Diego, then Vegas  then med school in the Caribbean , and now back to Vegas.  This is some kind of roller coaster ride RR is on.    His “whatever it’s  called” course for the Army will now happen in Feb of 10, not Aug 09.  This means an entire YEAR of  “what the fuck do I do with myself?” .  I’m just listening and offering warped advice.  He knows what I think.

As for me, I’m floating along as best I can.   I am even taking FRIDAY OFF WORK.   A Lynn and RR adventure may be involved, but too soon to say so until we are ACTUALLY ON THE ROAD TO SAID ADVENTURE.

At least the barrage of hormones has passed and I’m on more even ground, rocky, but hey, what’s life without rocks, no boulders in my case.

Ok, off to Barnes and Nobles for Tuesday stitch N bitch.


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