a yarn/thread/fiber loving fool with MS

Hump Day Post

B and I went out to the Downtown Pub last night.  I get there first and there, sitting at the end of the bar is RB.  I’ve known RB for over 20 years.  We manage to run into each other about every 6 or 7 years.  He’s an ok guy, is always glad to see me, says he thinks about me and the good times we used to have, would like to have some more.  Problem with that is , I’m not interested in being “the other woman”.

I’m so not motivated to go to work today.

Guess I should mention that RR is in VEGAS.  Tried to chat with him on Monday before he left.  He was cold and distance, not in a good mood at all.  Would not talk. (he gets like this, but will usually talk to me or let me know that he just wants to be left alone)  I got quite miffed at him.

I finally sent him a txt message last night asking if he had gotten to Vegas, indeed he had.  When I got home, he had called.  I returned the call and we talked for a bit.  He  had gotten a  room, at the oh so ghetto budget extended stay “hotel”.  Sheets are an extra $30 a week, OMG.  He went to Target and bought a set and pillows since those were extra too.  How insane.

Guess I should attempt to get to work, fun, fun, fun.


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