a yarn/thread/fiber loving fool with MS

It’s not a good thing

After a week of jumpy nerves and not sleeping well, I DID NOT NEED TIME TO SPRING FORWARD.  Just WTF.  Leave the time alone. The reasoning behind this “time change” has long since passed.

I did some expermintal knitting over the weekend.  It bombed.  Let me explain…. I knitted  a small round piece using the “pi” method.  For someone who has not concept of what the hell “pi” is I use a pattern found on Ravelry.  You start off with 9 stitches, knit in the round with double point needles and increase every “X” number of rounds and you get a circle.  This is a popular way of knitting a round shawl.  Well my thinking was to do a small one, then weave a thread through the top, draw it up and have a little trinket bag.  I got the pi thing down, I ended up with my small circle, but it does not look like I hoped it would.  So that project has been put aside, the thought and intention behind it has changed.

There’s a sock KAL that I think I’m going to follow.  I’ve wanted to try socks for a while now, and this seems like a good starting point.

Now, was I suspossed to be knitting this weekend?  No, I SHOULD have been sorting and packing.  That thing called procastination.  But I have decided that there will be a yard sale when I move.  Maybe I can unload some of this stuff I don’t need anymore and get a little cash for it.

I guess I should drag myself to work.  I feel a sinus headache coming on, not  a good thing.


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