a yarn/thread/fiber loving fool with MS

Here comes 50

Another birthday approaches.

This year I’m doing something for myself.  I’m going to Washington D.C. I’m nervous about flying, I have not flown since I was, oh 15 or 16,  And it’s going to be “alone”, the plane ride anyway.  In years past, I’ve gone many places on my own, all by car and never more than next state over.  Perhaps I’ve grown too cautious, perhaps just unsure of myself.

I’ve got a few things I want to see, places I want to go and of course there’s a YARN SHOP on the list, hahaha…  And Saturday night will be spent out on town.  RR say’s he got just the place and considering the last time we went out drinking, we both ended up dancing on counter tops….

Will be good to see RR.  I miss his face,  boyish smile and sparkling eyes.


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