a yarn/thread/fiber loving fool with MS

What a weekend!!

I know I’m a bad blogger.  I tend to gravitate toward blogging when my heart hurts or I’m going through something and need to put the thoughts in my head out somewhere.

That said

I HAD A GREAT WEEKEND!!!!  OMG did I… RR came into town with a buddy of his, JC, and we  3 went to the game.  JC is great, his Mom has MS so we had a nice discussion about it.   And considering he  has a masters in  Epidemiology & International Health and is currently working  as a Senior CBRN Analyst  focusing on  biological and chemical warfare defense in D.C. ~~~  OMG  I KNOW PEOPLE, LOL….  He has done a lot of research on MS treatments and gave me some good advice.

It was great to see RR, I’ve missed him so much.

Anyway, we wend out Friday night, Dreamland ribs and some poker. Saturday went to the game, watched BAMA roll over UTC.   Eh, it was a football game, I was just there for the company <big evil grin>

RR is in a good place I think, he is not in as much turmoil as this time last year.  Regardless, I still worry about him and so help me when he gets back from the ILE course at Leavenworth in Jan of 2011 and says “move to D.C.” , which he did Friday night….I just might.  But he’s got his app before the board to go back Active Duty and that will determine everything.

I guess I gotta go to work now.

Great day to all….


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