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Just a few random thoughts

With my upcoming surgery I should have ample time to KNIT.  I hope I feel like it.  I’ve got several projects on the needles, and want to delve into the world of socks.   I have enough stash to keep me going for awhile.

One of the things I like about wordpress is the “tag surfer” .  I come across some of the most interesting blogs and knitters.

One I came across today belongs to Drop Stitch Knitter, she does beautiful work and also designs some breathtaking shawl pins, stitch markers and other items.  She is also having a CONTEST!  Her DH brought her some  Laceweight yarn, Romney Wool and Cashmere, about 350 yds and she is taking suggestions.


I know what I would make out of it.  mmm, I’ve got some nice laceweight I need to use and I’ve been wanting to knit Ice-Queen and think I’ll make it one of my recovery projects.

Speaking of knitting, back to my needles.


Comments on: "Just a few random thoughts" (3)

  1. Thank you for the comment and I wish you the best of luck and speediest recovery on your Kidney surgery!

  2. Hope your surgery goes well and recovery is quick – filled with loads of knitting time. Can’t wait to see your Ice Queen!

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