a yarn/thread/fiber loving fool with MS

Yea, yea, I’m here, been on one hell of a ride since my last post, another surgery, and a month in the hospital, 2 weeks of that in rehab trying to walk and learn how to “re-do” daily activities when the body does not do what the brain says do….

Surgery…. So sometime in May I just started feeling worse, listless, not eating, and sleeping alot.  I figured it was the MS.  WRONG, so wrong.  Went to the doc end of May, she admitted me to the hospital.  My white count was extremely high and some other blood work was wonky and I had not had a bowl movement in over a week, I was dehydrated because I could not keep anything down, let’s just say I was messed up.  The docs I saw in the hospital spent a damn WEEK trying to figure out what to do… they called in Dr. Duffy, the one who did my kidney surgery, because when you have only 1 kidney it presents it’s own set of problems with meds and die’s for MRI’s and CAT scans… Okay, so they find a “mass/cyst” blocking my intestines…..of course the C word comes up…they do a needle biopsy and it shows just infection.  It’s also starting to really really hurt in the area of the cyst.  But here’s the catch, mass is also near my right ovary, so they call in OBGYN docs, geeze.  Soooooo I was transferred to another hosptial 60 miles away because no one in this damn town deals with “ovarian cancer”.  EVEN THOUGH THE DAMN BIOPSY SHOWED NO CANCER.  I was so damn drugged from pain meds and whatever the hell else they had in that IV I really had little to say about it…and I just wanted the pain to go away….

I meet with the docs their and they felt a hysterectomy was in order.  Shit a MAJOR surgery.  Cut Cut Cut.

I was also experiencing some major edema, so bad I could not put on normal shoes.  While in the hospital it got worse.

Okay, so after surgery I could not even walk the edema was so bad, I could not lift my arms above shoulder height, the edema was making my limbs so heavy I could not operate them.  So between that and the Multiple Sclerosis I was totally screwed up.  So off to two weeks in rehab working with physical therapist learning how to adapt to life with my new limitations.

I took early retirement, disability retirement, from my job because there was no way in hell I could go back to work.   Now I’m just waiting on social security disability, hopefully I will get it because my job retirement is only $500 a month……

When I came home from the hosp., I was using a walker, could not stand up from a sitting position and various other things.  I’ve managed to work up to using a cane and can actually stand up on my own, both major accomplishments.  So now I spend my days watching TV and playing  with yarn and thread, you know, knitting and tatting.  I do my best not to go crazy, not being able to drive yet  the walls close in on ya.

Okay, so I’m back.  Will post more often  Back to my tatting.  Here are a few of my tatted button snowflakes.


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