a yarn/thread/fiber loving fool with MS


I hurt.  Well to be more specific, my joints, bones, and muscles hurt.  My shoulder feels like it is sprained, guess I’ve got tendinitis.  The leg muscles are starting to ache.  Guess my body is waking up from the MS flair.  OUCH!

Got to get  out to the Tuesday night knit/crochet group.  The group is dwindling.  I have my theory as to why…..

I managed to find some pretty major mistakes in the cardigan I cast on last week.   At least I’m not that far into it that starting over will not be bad.

Years ago, probably over 10 now, when I started tatting, there was  little info or people tatting on the web.  Not anymore.  I’m glad to see it come back.  Although some folks came be rather snooty about it.  Mainly shuttle tatting VS needle tatting.  It looks the same, just a different method of execution.  I know how to do both.  I prefer needle tatting as the MS does not let my left hand hold the thread in the position of shuttle tatting for very long.   I’ve even had a shuttle snob tell me that needle tatting was not tatting at all.

I need to get better at taking close up pictures with my camera so I can post more of my tatting.

Back to my threads of sanity.


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