a yarn/thread/fiber loving fool with MS

Thanksgiving is tomorrow.  I’m lucky to be here.  In the past year I’ve had my right kidney removed due to cancer, had the MS progress, had a weird infected cyst on my lower intestine causing another surgery along with a hysterectomy, and the MS progressing more because of the stress of all that.  When I came home from the hospital at the end of June, I was using a walker.

I’m now able to walk with a cane, fairly normal I guess.  I’ve started driving again, although not much.

I knit a lot, but don’t have much to show for it because I get bored with it and start over or just put it in a corner. And then there’s FARMVILLE, LOL.  yea right.  I play that.  What I find STUPID is that people spend real money on the thing.

It’s getting time to figure out the rest of my life.

Off to knit…..Guess what  family and friends are getting for Christmas?


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