a yarn/thread/fiber loving fool with MS

YO!  Well, Christmas has come and gone, with a bit of normal family drama.  2010 was a horrific year for me.  o9 ended with the right kidney removed due to cancer, so I was hoping 2010 would be better…  Nope, MS progressed….another surgery in June and having to take disability retirement.  Not a fun year.  Well 2011 is already A FRICKIN BLAST!!!!!!!  OMG!!!  Healthwise, I’m stable and able to do some of what my life was.  My friend RR is back in DC at the Pentagon.  So, a few weeks ago I get a TXT from him…”want to come to DC for  a MONTH OR TWO”……..

Uh, I don’t have anything else to do. He got me a ticket and I left on the 20th.   So I’ve been in DC for 4 days now.  IT’S FRICKIN COLD.  Went out to Target  and RR set me up with some stuff so I’m not living out of my suitcases, LOL.

I’ve got lots I want to do, lots to see.  Sometime next week I’ll venture out on the Metro on my own.  I mean after all, RR is working all day and he got me a Metro card with $$ on it.  We went out Sat night, that story is for another time, LOL.  Sunday was spent non-functional if that gives you any indication.

It’s gonna be a low key week, too damn cold for me to be exploring.  Saturday there’s a scuba something or other that we’ll go to with DB. I ain’t gonna take up no scuba though.  I’ll try & post every day or so, and will eventually get around to posting pics.

Guess what…I’m gonna go knit…. YA HAHA


Comments on: "One has ended…Another begins…." (2)

  1. YEAH! i’m so glad you are enjoying DC even if it’s really cold! Enjoy yourself, you deserve it!

  2. Well, when it warms up you have to go see stuff since we don’t get to! In the meantime, I’m happy that you’re happy!!!

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