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Oh yea, me thinks I have a COLD.

Okay 10 days in DC and it’s really been too cold to get out and adventure while RR is at work.  Of course the ice & snow last Thurs & Fri did not help any.  It was crazy watching the news and the total standstill on the roads.  Business and Gov. offices were on a 2 hour early release in anticipation of the coming storm so the roads got packed with cars.  The snow plows could not get through to clear the roads, traffic was at a standstill and some folks spent 10+ hours trying to go 5 miles.  Many left their cars off to the side and found a hotel or tried to walk.  Next day was spent trying to dig out and move cars. OMG!   CRAZY CRAZY….

RR was sick with a sinus infection last week, so it was just as well the area was snowed under.  We’ve got more afternoon/evening flurries and “wintry mix” coming in tomorrow and AM ICE for Wed.  AM ICE?? WTF….  Thursday is supposed to  be sunny, we shall see.  I may try and get out this afternoon, need to find a Walgreens & get a prescription filled, if nothing else I can have it transfered to Rite-Aid at Crystal City.  I can walk there, it’s only a block or so.

Gonna go investigate a bus route to Walgreens.


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  1. Oh, I hope it warms up soon. I’m heading south in a couple of days. 3 hours south. It’ll be about 5-10 degrees warmer. woopee.

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