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DC Week 2

Well, the first week in D.C. was COLD, we had a winter weather event, RR was sick too boot.  The cold is still here and now I’m sick.  Cough, cough, sneeze, blow, blow…  I did venture out yesterday,  had to my thyroid refill.  There’s a Rite-Aid a block or so away in the Crystal City Mall, so it was place of choice.   I am very apprehensive  about using the metro transit system.  It is very very overwhelming to me.  I’ve got a color map that RR printed out for me, but any venture out will take planning and knowing the stops as well as the way back.  RR assured me that he had gone the wrong direction more than once when getting used to it.  That is a bit re-assuring, but I have to write things like this down.  There was a time when I would not have thought twice about walking out the door on an adventure.  After-all  I did head to Nashville for Fan-Fare all on my own with out ever having been there before.  Had a blast.  I miss that person.  The one who didn’t thing twice about doing something, going somewhere.

Next day:  Sorry, had to put down & come back so if I repeat or whatever, it’s cause I did not bother to read what I wrote yesterday, LOL. nRR has been pretty good, not he’s been great.  I think he is overly worried about me doing “nothing”.  I’ll get out and do, explore, whatever when I get over this cold/sinus/allergy what ever I have.   He got me a key and a “Fob”.  FOB is the little thingy you have to use to get into the building.  Pass it over thingy on wall and it releases the building door to  open.  Right now my head/sinus’s feels like it’s about to explode.  UGH.  Need to get some lunch, then maybe venture outside. The sun is shining…BUT IT’S STILL DAMN COLD.


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  1. Hope you get better super soon! it’s cold down here and we have a freezing rain advisory. sister will be in DC next week with school 😀 i would probably be afraid of the metro too but you can do it!

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