a yarn/thread/fiber loving fool with MS

My time in D.C. came to an end. Been back in Tuscaloosa since the end of June. Hard to come back. The devastation from the tornado of April 27 is just, just…it just is.

Lot’s going on, visit’s to Dr.’s, getting a new neurologist, trying to get my SSD appeal (yea, the frickin idiots denied me), damn letter of denial had been sitting here at Mom’s since end of March, but she ignored it, claimed she did not see it. IT SAID SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILTY IN BIG LETTERS ON THE UPPER LEFT CORNER, geeeeeezzzzeeee…. she figures if she “ignores” it, it will go away or resolve itself.

I miss RR, I miss D.C. I miss going when I want to and not worrying about things like gas. RR said he wanted me to come back, but we’ll see if he still feels that way. I dunno anymore.
My insecurities and self doubt and rearing their ugly head. I think too much of WHAT IF and I SHOULD HAVE.
Being BROKE with little, and I mean LITTLE income sucks. I will take donations via paypal, just leave a comment and I’ll let you know how.

I’m gonna go knit so I don’t think and if I write anymore I’ll start crying again…

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