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BORED & CRAZY & &&&&&&

Bored is an understatement.
Sooooo the day after I met with the Social Security dude (he was kinda cute too) I got a call from the Birmingham office…..to go over a few things. The lady that called mentioned that the person interviewing me said I came in with a walker, I told her yes I did, it was a bit of a walk from their parking area to the front door, she said ok, and return the paperwork she was sending me ASAP.
So yesterday I was working on the paperwork (for the 3rd time) and she called again asking about my using a walker, did I need it much, when did I start using it and was it prescribed….WELL YES….last June when I came out of rehab (gee that sounds bad) at Brookwood and I use it as needed.
She also said they may send me to see one of their Doctors. THIS NEEDS TO BE SOON DAMIT..I GOT PLACES TO GO….
I sent the paperwork back to them yesterday AND MADE COPIES, and I asked if I could sent it registered and they don’t take them that way.
Seems the paperwork goes to FUCKING KENTUCY to a CONTRACTOR (and how do I get that job) who scan it in and then notifies the B’ham office that it is ready for review. And it goes to a PO BOX so I could not sent it UPS or FED-EX to have a tracking #……
Sooooo I if it was mailed on a Monday, I should be there by Thursday. I’ll figured I would call her next Monday to see if they have it scanned in and are REVIEWING it…
SHE CALLED ME AGAIN TODAY! Asking questions about my answers. I was good, and even managed to get emotional when she asked what things I was no longer to do that I used to enjoy. She asked if I was on anything for depression, I said used to be, but had to stop cause I CAN’T AFFORD IT I CAN’T WORK! GEEZE YADAYADAYADA
I may end up going to one of their doctors. That WON’T BE FUN. I’ve heard horror stories about how they think you can even work if you are dying of cancer.

So until I get something~~ donations via paypal to dixiered03@gmail.com


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