a yarn/thread/fiber loving fool with MS

been way way too long since I was around.  life since my last post has been one trial in strength after another.  but I’m still here.  the MS took full hold sending me to the hospital again, this time while in DC visiting RR… other complications ensued and that stay was 2 months long…  but here I am back in Tuscaloosa, I knit, I play on Facebook, I volunteer at the Humane Society of West Alabama working at the cat house.


While waiting for my SSD I was unable to make car payment and it was repossessed.  I miss my car.  While in DC it really didn’t matter, but back home it does. I’m able to use my mom’s car but … Not the same, I have to ask and feel guilty.

Sooo I’m trying to raise money for a substantial down payment via gofundme.com


should you happen across my blog please consider helping out.  It will be paid forward.




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