a yarn/thread/fiber loving fool with MS

I am not what you see on the surface

Sometimes I feel as though I’m a soul out of time. Born too way to late in this world, sometimes way to soon, sometimes in the wrong dimension.

With that said….

I’m a yarnaholic, knitting, sometimes medieval re-enacting, working, lady who is living with Multiple Sclerosis. I live, I laugh, I cry, I try to puts the rambled thoughts that run around between the bones that hold my scarred brain inside this skull that is attached.. Ok, the words are running amuck (and regardless of what spell check says, it is a word).  Anyway, here you are going to find anything from rants – yarn – friends- random crap that means nothing to anyone but me.

I’m off to wind some yarn.


Comments on: "I am not what you see on the surface" (1)

  1. pinkpelican said:

    Hugs to you …

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