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The cloud is showing it’s underbelly

That be the “silver lining”.  Just trying to be clever….

Sooooooo, my Sis actually brought me a b-day cake, some flowers and $20.  ACK!!!!  Much appreciated, but I no can have the cake…not good for reason I was in hospital…..oh well, thought that counts.

AND THEN AND THEN……. I got a call from the local Social Security office…..they have approved me for  “presumptive disability”…. not full disability yet, but it means I can get SSI….WHOOT!  A lady in a Facebook group for MSer’s said:

Presumptive means having a reasonable basis for belief or acceptance; so it sounds to me that the State believes you have a good/strong case.”


Now then,  my BFF R.R. went and bought himself a BMW sports car, convertible….SIGH. Don’t know what I’m going to do with that boy.  But since it’s an automatic and I can drive it when I go back to DC…. well now.  I called RR right after I got the call from SS.  He was glad and wanted to know if I was coming back to DC next week…..OH I WISH~~~THE TEMPTATION IN GREAT~~~  His Birthday is Monday and Friday is his promotion ceremony to Lieutenant Colonel.   I so want to go, maybe just for 2 weeks….I know I need to stay put in Bama till this disability determination is taken care of.

Ok so……. now I can go back on the lexapro, I can afford the co-pay OR MEDICAID CAN PAY FOR IT!!!

Better living through chemistry…


One has ended…Another begins….

YO!  Well, Christmas has come and gone, with a bit of normal family drama.  2010 was a horrific year for me.  o9 ended with the right kidney removed due to cancer, so I was hoping 2010 would be better…  Nope, MS progressed….another surgery in June and having to take disability retirement.  Not a fun year.  Well 2011 is already A FRICKIN BLAST!!!!!!!  OMG!!!  Healthwise, I’m stable and able to do some of what my life was.  My friend RR is back in DC at the Pentagon.  So, a few weeks ago I get a TXT from him…”want to come to DC for  a MONTH OR TWO”……..

Uh, I don’t have anything else to do. He got me a ticket and I left on the 20th.   So I’ve been in DC for 4 days now.  IT’S FRICKIN COLD.  Went out to Target  and RR set me up with some stuff so I’m not living out of my suitcases, LOL.

I’ve got lots I want to do, lots to see.  Sometime next week I’ll venture out on the Metro on my own.  I mean after all, RR is working all day and he got me a Metro card with $$ on it.  We went out Sat night, that story is for another time, LOL.  Sunday was spent non-functional if that gives you any indication.

It’s gonna be a low key week, too damn cold for me to be exploring.  Saturday there’s a scuba something or other that we’ll go to with DB. I ain’t gonna take up no scuba though.  I’ll try & post every day or so, and will eventually get around to posting pics.

Guess what…I’m gonna go knit…. YA HAHA

What a weekend!!

I know I’m a bad blogger.  I tend to gravitate toward blogging when my heart hurts or I’m going through something and need to put the thoughts in my head out somewhere.

That said

I HAD A GREAT WEEKEND!!!!  OMG did I… RR came into town with a buddy of his, JC, and we  3 went to the game.  JC is great, his Mom has MS so we had a nice discussion about it.   And considering he  has a masters in  Epidemiology & International Health and is currently working  as a Senior CBRN Analyst  focusing on  biological and chemical warfare defense in D.C. ~~~  OMG  I KNOW PEOPLE, LOL….  He has done a lot of research on MS treatments and gave me some good advice.

It was great to see RR, I’ve missed him so much.

Anyway, we wend out Friday night, Dreamland ribs and some poker. Saturday went to the game, watched BAMA roll over UTC.   Eh, it was a football game, I was just there for the company <big evil grin>

RR is in a good place I think, he is not in as much turmoil as this time last year.  Regardless, I still worry about him and so help me when he gets back from the ILE course at Leavenworth in Jan of 2011 and says “move to D.C.” , which he did Friday night….I just might.  But he’s got his app before the board to go back Active Duty and that will determine everything.

I guess I gotta go to work now.

Great day to all….

Quick note to say I’m here.

Good Times in D.C. Sept. 5, 2009

Good Times in D.C. Sept. 5, 2009

OMG!  I had an amazing time in D.C.

Some sightseeing,  some drinking, new friends, a good time over all.

Will post details later.

And I have a fantastic book idea.

I have missed R.R. so much.

Work, Hair, Red, Trips, Planes, D.C.

Work – is a pain in my brain… worst start of the fall semester I’ve had in 15 years at that damn university.  BTW – I DON’T CARE ABOUT FOOTBALL…..

Hair – Got it cut – Semi-short, above the shoulders in front, bit longer in back… very layered.  with enough hair product would SPIKE nicely!

RED –  Washed that gray right out of my hair.


Planes – SEE ABOVE NOTE – I’m nervous as hell.  terrified that I’ll get hung up at security or some stupid shit.



RR called, he’s got a “plan”, HAHAHA, Friday – retrieve me at airport, go to his place, breath, shower, what ever, then to  Old Alexandria (there’s a YARN shop I want to visit there!!)  to walk around,  dinner ( I think) with some “folks” as he says and “out” somewhere with said “folks”… Saturday – lot’s of coffee to get going, LOL, then to the “National Mall” are to do the “tourist” type thingy, then dinner in Georgetown followed by a MAJOR night out… where I don’t know, he won’t tell me.. WHY?  cause I’ll google it.  HA!  Sunday – recover, after recovery Eastern Market… and then maybe some nitetime sight seeing.. D.C.  should be amazing  at night. Monday – SIGH, airport and back to Bama….

Busy weekend ahead

Indeed it will be.  Lot’s I’ve got to get done.

My life as I know it will be boxed up and put into storage.  How long I don’t know.

Change is afoot and it’s going to be interesting.

RR is rolling it in in Vegas.  4 grand in 2 days.  He’s called the past 3 days, he “sounds” better.  Has stopped talking about A and what he thinks he “lost”.  I’ve not asked when and IF he is coming back to Alabama.


At 3 pm today, the wind chill finally made it above freezing.  I’ve spent the day knitting, drinking hot spice tea, and watching 2 seasons of Burn Notice.

RR has been on my mind a good bit  the past few days.  He’s got a weekend break from diving school and was going to Miami to condo shop and see A.  A. is his “luve intrest”.  He and I have had many conversations on the subject.  There are so many similarities in our relationships it’s kinda scary.  His fears and insecurities mirror my own.  I was thinking about sending him text when the phone rang.  Yea, it was him.

No luck on the condo front, the one he was really interested in, sold the day before he got there.  And he and A are back to where they were before the trip to Brazil.  A is Brazilian and hence RR’s trip there was to meet the “family”.  That went “ok”. But alas, A is wishy-washy.  RR wants more of a commitment than A can or is willing to give.  I’ve told him my opinion, and he agrees, he just wants to hang on for a glimmer of forever.  I could hear in his voice how tired he was. Anyway, we did not talk long, he “just wanted to give me a call”.  He had not slept, when he got to Miami, he and A went out, up all night, then RR condo shopping, and a birthday party tonight.  Miami never sleeps.

I’m worried about him, yes, he’s a grown man who’s done 3 tours in the “sandbox” of the world.  But his emotions run deeper than any man I’ve ever know.  But I’m glad that he knows he can pick up the phone and call me, anytime.

Damn, gonna have to turn the heat up… temp is dropping again.

good night to one and all.