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This time next month  I WILL BE IN D.C.!!!!

My boy called last night wanting to know when I was coming back.   {{GRIN}}

I had a date in my mind of around the 7th or 8th of Nov.  BUT NO, he said last week of Oct. would be better, be there for Halloween, lots of parties in D.C., I dunno bout that.

I’ll HAVE to find a neurologist and a general doc too I guess.

Now I’ve got to organize a list of things I HAVE to do before I leave.  OMGOMGOMG

happy dance happy dance happy dance


I am going crazy.  I am bored out of my frickin mind.  In D.C. at least there were things I could do aside from sitting and knitting and sitting and knitting.

Ok, whatever…. The good news is that the Social Security Disability “thinks I’m broken”, as RR puts it.   Not presumptive either like my previous post.  3 days after the presumptive  decision, I checked the status on my claim on the SS website not expecting to see a change, but that it was “still in medical review” stage….NO A DECISION HAD BEEN MADE!  I called the number and talked to a very nice lady, she asked standard questions verifying who I was and told me that I HAD INDEED BEEN FOUND DISABLED!!  And IT’S RETRO BACK TO FEB OF 2010!  I’ll get “back pay” from August 2010, seems they “hold back” 5 months, WTF?!?!  Have not a clue when I’ll get that but I get my first “check” 2nd Wed. of Oct.  Gonna be a long few weeks.

I need to get together a plan for going back to D.C.  I won’t be dependent on RR getting my ticket this time.  I wanted to be able to go back for his promotion ceremony (to Lieutenant Colonel) last Friday, and he would have gladly bought me a ticket, but I was uneasy about going until I had the actual AWARD LETTER from SSD, which I got on Friday.  So there you go….

I really need to start keeping the blog better, steer it towards a purpose not just my ramblings and rantings.  We’ll see, LOL

Later all.

That be the “silver lining”.  Just trying to be clever….

Sooooooo, my Sis actually brought me a b-day cake, some flowers and $20.  ACK!!!!  Much appreciated, but I no can have the cake…not good for reason I was in hospital…..oh well, thought that counts.

AND THEN AND THEN……. I got a call from the local Social Security office…..they have approved me for  “presumptive disability”…. not full disability yet, but it means I can get SSI….WHOOT!  A lady in a Facebook group for MSer’s said:

Presumptive means having a reasonable basis for belief or acceptance; so it sounds to me that the State believes you have a good/strong case.”


Now then,  my BFF R.R. went and bought himself a BMW sports car, convertible….SIGH. Don’t know what I’m going to do with that boy.  But since it’s an automatic and I can drive it when I go back to DC…. well now.  I called RR right after I got the call from SS.  He was glad and wanted to know if I was coming back to DC next week…..OH I WISH~~~THE TEMPTATION IN GREAT~~~  His Birthday is Monday and Friday is his promotion ceremony to Lieutenant Colonel.   I so want to go, maybe just for 2 weeks….I know I need to stay put in Bama till this disability determination is taken care of.

Ok so……. now I can go back on the lexapro, I can afford the co-pay OR MEDICAID CAN PAY FOR IT!!!

Better living through chemistry…

Another lousy birthday.

This time it was me in the hospital….gallbladder attack…

First time having one of those, was NOT talked into seeing a surgeon to remove it.  Test showed I do have gallstones, and had some inflammation.    Morphine took care of the pain which did not return after it wore off.  so 2 days with nothing to eat or drink, poking by techs wanting blood.

The offending internal organ will eventually have to come out, but I could not deal with it right now.


No Clever Title….

As you can see, I’ve changed themes and may change again.  Depends on how bored I get.

Yes, I’m about to go friggin NUTS!  But anyway.

I spend my days “surfing the net”.  I use the  “tag” surfer that wordpress has and I find lots of knitting, yarn, and silliness.  This is my latest find:


On another note, the drunk trained monkey’s that work at Facebook are moonlighting at wordpress.  How do I know this?  BECAUSE THE SITE DASHBOARD IS DIFFERENT!!

Ok, off to goof….



On Saturday, Sept 3, I will be 52.
I HATE BIRTHDAYS. Not because I’m another year older, age is well….. a number.
I’ve NOT had good birthdays in the past years. I think it started when Michael broke up with me the week before my birthday so many years ago. Since then it’s been a series of family drama. Mostly involving my Dad having one of his episodes and “having” to go to the ER. Then there’s the “oh it’s your birthday..well happy birthday” statements from my Mom. It takes too much effort for her to say it.
I was so damn sick last summer I almost did not make it to 51. I was expecting a bit more than just afterthought words. But NOT EVEN A GDMFing CARD. Over the weekend my mother & son were discussing they planned on getting one of those cookies & cream cakes on their next trip the store, I jokingly pipped in and said with a Birthday Candle on it. My mother shot me the dirtiest damn look, like “how dare you”. And she wonders why her middle daughter has distanced herself from this family. They are emotional vampires. No matter how much you care about them, it’s never returned.
I expect this year to be no different.
I want to go back to D.C., but I don’t know when that will happen.
I’m going to stop this now before I become a blubbering fool.

BORED & CRAZY & &&&&&&

Bored is an understatement.
Sooooo the day after I met with the Social Security dude (he was kinda cute too) I got a call from the Birmingham office…..to go over a few things. The lady that called mentioned that the person interviewing me said I came in with a walker, I told her yes I did, it was a bit of a walk from their parking area to the front door, she said ok, and return the paperwork she was sending me ASAP.
So yesterday I was working on the paperwork (for the 3rd time) and she called again asking about my using a walker, did I need it much, when did I start using it and was it prescribed….WELL YES….last June when I came out of rehab (gee that sounds bad) at Brookwood and I use it as needed.
She also said they may send me to see one of their Doctors. THIS NEEDS TO BE SOON DAMIT..I GOT PLACES TO GO….
I sent the paperwork back to them yesterday AND MADE COPIES, and I asked if I could sent it registered and they don’t take them that way.
Seems the paperwork goes to FUCKING KENTUCY to a CONTRACTOR (and how do I get that job) who scan it in and then notifies the B’ham office that it is ready for review. And it goes to a PO BOX so I could not sent it UPS or FED-EX to have a tracking #……
Sooooo I if it was mailed on a Monday, I should be there by Thursday. I’ll figured I would call her next Monday to see if they have it scanned in and are REVIEWING it…
SHE CALLED ME AGAIN TODAY! Asking questions about my answers. I was good, and even managed to get emotional when she asked what things I was no longer to do that I used to enjoy. She asked if I was on anything for depression, I said used to be, but had to stop cause I CAN’T AFFORD IT I CAN’T WORK! GEEZE YADAYADAYADA
I may end up going to one of their doctors. That WON’T BE FUN. I’ve heard horror stories about how they think you can even work if you are dying of cancer.

So until I get something~~ donations via paypal to dixiered03@gmail.com