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So Seriously…

The SSD process has begun again. SIGH~~~
I am in a somewhat better frame of mind that I was last time I was here. I can type without crying…..but the previous request for financial assistance still stands.
I will be starting back on the Copaxone for MS. UGH I HATE THOSE DAMN SHOTS.

I am soooooooooooo wanting to get back to D.C. RR kept me up till too late for me Sunday night txting me stuff, LOL. It was amusing.

I’m so frickin BORED and starved for conversation. Tomorrow is Wed, that means the little knitting/crocheting group will be meeting at Barnes & Nobles around 6:30. I so look forward to it.
I did some pitty party venting on facebook the other day, it has resulted in a call from one of the SCA folks offering to come and get me on Sat for a few hours. They are having a pewter pouring class, it sounds fun and will be extremely good to get out and be around others. I am a social person and this is killing me.

I honestly think the MS has gotten worse since I’ve been back.