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Looking for my muse

She’s on vacation I think.  Have not had the mind to knit or tat for the past few days.  I go from one to another, neither holding my attention long enough to show any progress.  I’ve got some tatted snowflakes and bookmarks. I’m burnt out on everything.   And not being able to drive is getting to me. I have to depend on other’s for a ride and that just ain’t happening, they have better things and drama to deal with.  My SCA “friends” hope to see me soon, but don’t volunteer to come get me for a get together or anything.

I did win a blog contest. Actually, I was within seconds of being the 3rd email, she was in a give-a-way mood, so I got  a copy of  her book!  Very cool!

Think I’ll knit some now, focus on that if I can.