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down down down

I am serious when I say I will take donations via PayPal.
you can send it to dixiered03@gmail.com via paypal

I did not intend to be in this situation, I don’t think anyone does. I cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel because the tunnel is caving in.
I have lost my job, my car, most of my friends who were around before I got sick….
I am in a need to cry/vent/pitty pary frame of mind…and I feel like no one cares.

It’s been a rough year, year and a half I think. I have no concept of time these days.
My SSD quest is starting over. Should I go back to D.C. I WILL NOT TRUST MY MOTHER OR SISTER to actually look at any mail I get.
I really understand those who give up. I am getting close.