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Since my last post

My first week back at work after Kidney surgery was, well, exhausting.  I managed to put in basically full days.  My balance was kinda screwed more than normal, but hey, I live with it…it’s part of the Multiple Sclerosis…..

Now by Friday afternoon the NAUSEA was starting.  Since several people I had been in contact with had the dreaded stomach flu that has been going around, I started to attribute it to that…WRONG WRONG WRONG… I decided to go to the Doc around 3:30 or so…made it there, got signed in, by the time the nurse called me I could not bring my head about my waist without the room and everything else spinning….back in the exam room, the vomiting started….Nurse said yea, stomach flu, it’s going around…

Doc came in..I explained the feeling, the kidney surgery, the MS… he left, came back and said with the history, and recent events…HE WAS SENDING ME TO THE ER TO BE ADMITTED….FUCKING A……

Now….it was NOT the Stomach Flue…A new MS lesion has formed.. in the back area of the my brain that controls balance and that in turn caused the nausea…lot’s of it….. the lesion was in FULL TILT LETS FUCK WITH HER MODE……

Got to room sometime around 4 am, was started on an IV drip of Solu-Medrol…a steroid used for MS flairs… and host of pills for the nausea…  This is the first flair that has put me in the Hospital.

Stayed till Monday night…I got a PICC line put in for a 3 day course of the above mentioned  IV…once a day around noon a home nurse game and hooked up the IV to my PICC line….I felt like a scene from one of those Doc drama’s on TV… Line is out and I’m on a 6 week taper of  PREDNISONE.

I’ve made 2 berets and have again started on the yellow cardigan.  I’ve not frogged the other, but have started one on larger needles.  I think the larger needles are the ticket. We’ll see how far I get tonight.  One of the side effects of the steroids is INSOMNIA…. ya for me….

I’ve probably watched most of the  Asian cooking vids on YouTube along with any dealing with yarn, knitting, crafts, just DIY in general…


and we won’t talk about …. work ….

Later folks.

If you happen to stop by and make to the end of this..please  leave a comment.  THANKS