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Just Stuff

I so am loving knitting. I’ve gone and bought some fab yarn and have a shawl in progress. Pics on my flickr page, can be accessed from here. It just been started Sunday past and I have not had a chance to get any more done. But it’s going to work with me today. It’s miserably slow right now and I can only spend so much time staring at the computer screen looking for an island to retreat to.

And speaking of knitting, I’ve joined an online community called ravelry. knitting and other string related addictions. I spent this Saturday past at Serendipity Needleworks for Knit in Public Day. Had a much fun and of course that’s where I purchased my yarn. Ellen, shop owner, is great. I had taken some of my tatting to share and she and several ladies are wanting to learn shuttle tatting. I may be teaching tatting at her shop later this summer. WHOOOT!!!

SCA stuff, I’ve not done much with that lately, folks want to do this and that and it’s just rehashing things that have been said in the past. There are a few events I would like to go to, but alas, I can’t afford the gas.

Ok, off to another wonderful and exciting day at The University of Alabama.