a yarn/thread/fiber loving fool with MS

been way way too long since I was around.  life since my last post has been one trial in strength after another.  but I’m still here.  the MS took full hold sending me to the hospital again, this time while in DC visiting RR… other complications ensued and that stay was 2 months long…  but here I am back in Tuscaloosa, I knit, I play on Facebook, I volunteer at the Humane Society of West Alabama working at the cat house.


While waiting for my SSD I was unable to make car payment and it was repossessed.  I miss my car.  While in DC it really didn’t matter, but back home it does. I’m able to use my mom’s car but … Not the same, I have to ask and feel guilty.

Sooo I’m trying to raise money for a substantial down payment via gofundme.com


should you happen across my blog please consider helping out.  It will be paid forward.




The Pussification Of America.


In honor of all Veterans and my Farther who served 22 years in the Army including tours in the Korean & Vietnam Wars, I have chosen to join in supporting The Wounded Warrior Program with a monthly donation of $19.00. Their spokesperson for the current drive is Trace Adkins. My father worked with Trace for a short time on the High Island IV drilling rig for Global Marine Drilling Co. This makes this especially fitting to do this today 11-11-2011

Well now….

Piss poor excuse for a football game.  Bama blew it in overtime, kicker missed a total of 4 frickin field goals….

It was full of bad calls, idiot REFS, LSU players taking cheap shots.

that’s all I’m gonna say on this.



It’s #2 BAMA vs #1 LSU…
It’s being called The Game of the Century.
First time in college ball history that the #1 & #2 teams have meet in the regular season….MUCH LESS BOTH BEING FROM THE SEC!!
Game is in Tuscaloosa, I bet it’s total madness at home.
Bama is favored to win, by how much I don’t know, but I predict a score of

BAMA – 38
LSU – 18


Now, I’ve now done much since I’ve been in D.C. still getting over the gallbladder surgery, system is still not right.

Good Morning from D.C.!..

Well, Arlington, Virginia to be exact.  It’s a clear crisp 37 degrees out today.  I’m still tired from the gallbladder surgery and flight. OH, I didn’t tell you….I purchased my ticket back to D.C. on Oct. 14, and about 2:30 started feeling that horrible achy pain in my stomach…I was supposed to pick up my nephew Luke from the bus stop and while sitting there waiting on him the pain got worse and worse, I had to call his Mom, my sister, to come get us. I was NOT going to drive with him in the car  with as much pain as I was in.  I had her just take me onto the hospital. This was only my 2nd gallbladder attack, but it was only 6 weeks after the first..TAKE THE DAMN THING OUT!!  Doc assured me I would be able to make my trip and I did.

So I get to D.C. AND WE HAVE SNOW FLURRIES!!  WTH?!?!  Last time I came we had a mini blizzard, geeze.  But it had been raining and the temp never got cold enough to freeze.

I’m glad to be back.  I do worry about my Mom and the rest of the family back in Tuscaloosa, but my Sister will just have to learn how to take care of things on her own and not depend on being able to pop over to Mom’s and ask me to “loan” her the $$ to do this that or the other.  Now mind you, I was glad to be able to help her get moved to her & the boys new apt.  BUT GEEZE, she did not think things out very well…it has gas heat/hot water…she had a $200 past due ( 2 years old) gas bill that had to be paid before gas could be turned on again….I’ll pay you back on the 21st when I get paid….PLEASE DO…that’s my follow up Doc apts, checked baggage fee & a bit os spending $$ when I get to D.C.  got 1/2 of it back so that at least covered the “have to have”, just no spending $$.

Ok, I need some more COFFEE!! I’l try to do better with blogging my days and adventures in D.C. this time.


That’s the way it goes

I’ve taken the plunge into the smart phone abyss…
Now I can post when it comes to mind instead of waiting till the mood to get on the computer hits. So this is my first post from the HTC Inspire.  This could turn put yo.be w good thing.

So what’s up with meself?  Well, I’m minus a gallbladder, two atttacks in less than two months..yank that sucker out…..  Of course it atttacked the afternoon after I bought my ticket to.D.C.  but things seem ok so off I go on Thursday back to D.C.
Oh wow …. I can blog from the airport…what a hooot!!
Well time for a pain pill and some good sleep..later y’all